Tao of News

What is news?

The universe is chaotic and ordered,

known and uncertain, mysterious and revealed.

News cannot be defined.

The process of the unfolding of the chaotic universe means something new happens every minute.

The unexpected happens. The eventbecomes news when it excites the human curiosity, the human mind and the human spirit.

The mind and eye that is open will see what is news.

The mind that thinks it knows what is news, the mind trapped in preconceptions, will always miss the most important events that shape the world, the news and history.

The mind that seeks nothing but is open to all the wonders of the universe, that is the mind of the true chronicler..

The chronicler is always open to the
wonder and mystery of the world, of the universe.

The true chronicler follows a path, not
knowing where it will go, knowing that news is like passing a tree, a
rock, a building, a person, it is there and gone in a moment, and the
next moment brings something new and perhaps unknown.